In Austria with AstraZeneca

We traveled to Vienna, Austria to create a series of videos for AstraZeneca in which their executives and healthcare professionals explained the exciting advancements that the company is taking in the field of diabetes care. Check out screenshots from the video below.

Adidas NEO Label with Selena Gomez

We joined in on New York Fashion Week fun by teaming up with IRIS Worldwide UK to create a fashion film for the Adidas NEO Label collection created by Selena Gomez. The collection that was presented on the runway was entirely made up of pieces selected by teens from around the world that submitted their input using Twitter. They not only chose the clothing, but also influenced the music, hair and makeup looks, and set design. The goal of the video was to tell that story while also featuring the clothing on the runway with the added task of turning the edit around within 36 hours of the actual runway show.

Check out the video here (don't forget to play it back in HD!):

Although Wenck Brothers acted as Producer, Director, Director of Photography and Editor, we couldn't have done it without the help of the following people:

Dan Scott Wills (Camera Operator), Peter Porta (Camera Operator), John Colucci (Audio Engineer), Rob Demaio (Grip), Brad Ogbonna (Digital Technician) and Nathan Raabe (Motion Graphics).

A very special thanks to IRIS Worldwide UK and IRIS Worldwide NYC for bringing us on for the project. 

We were certainly surprised to see Nick end up on Selena Gomez's Instagram and Facebook page the next day and to also find selfies taken by Selena on Aaron's phone after it acted as the prop phone in the video.

Revlon/Daily Worth Advertorial in More Magazine

We were very excited to see our images for Daily Worth and Revlon receive some extra life when More Magazine published the images and the inspiring stories of Revlon Power Players that go above and beyond as "motivators for the next generation of fearless and innovative women". 

Summer Fashion Look Books

We love summer because we can get outside and enjoy the outdoors while we shoot. Check out our two new fashion look books below!

2014 Webby Award Honoree!

We were proud to be selected as a 2014 Webby Award Honoree in the How-To & DIY category for a Halloween makeup tutorial produced for The Rockettes Dance Team. A special thank you to the Rockettes Producer, Hannah Meium, for having the vision for the concept and digital series!

Breaking Down the 2014 NHL Playoffs for USA Today Digital

Having grown up in the self-proclaimed "State of Hockey" in Minnesota. We were extremely excited to team up with USA Today and Sports on Earth to capture a cultural take on Round 1 match ups in the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Rife with inside hockey jokes, we had a laugh or two while turning the videos around in less than 4 hours.  

Helping Find a Cure for Autism

We teamed up with Autism Speaks and the Autism Science Foundation to create a video message encouraging people to support autism research centers in order to find a cure for the disorder. There is nothing more rewarding to us than putting our passion for video to good use in helping make a difference!

Beers and Sport

We had the pleasure of heading to Boston, Massachusetts to talk sports with Craft Brew originals, Sam Adams and Harpoon.

At Sam Adams Brewery we chatted with two of their longest tenured Master Brewers, Jennifer and Bob, about why they love brewing and how Sam Adams is forever tied to the Boston Red Sox.

At Harpoon Brewery we sat down with Harpoon Co-Founder Rich Doyle and learned about the amazing donation work they have done with food banks in Vermont and Boston... and also found out why Harpoon has the best beer to drink after a long marathon or cycling event!

This is a four part series with Sports On Earth, a MLB/USA Today digital entity.

Ad Age's #TechDigs video series takes you into the office spaces of Tumblr, Bloomberg, Thrillist, and Many More

We teamed up with Astral Studio and capture a four part video series that features the office spaces of NYC's most innovative tech companies. The series was produced for Ad Age's Internet Week that took place in NYC in May of 2014. It's been a pleasure to capture the spaces of companies such as Squarespace, Bloomberg, Thrillist, Tumblr, Barbarian Group, NY Media Group, Percolate and many more great companies. 

Talking Table Settings and Linens with Christofle

We brought our video production crew to the Christofle storefront on Madison Avenue in New York City to capture conversation with renowned designers as they share their insight into tabletop design. It is a pleasure teaming up with Christofle as they have been a premier global leader in luxury flatware and home furnishings since 1830 and are the official provider of fine silver to the Louvre Museum in Paris. 

Green Screen Travels with Ms. Universe

We had the chance to capture the jet setting current Ms. Universe on green screen in an array of settings that featured a South American adventure, day at the beach, afternoon on the ski slopes and evening in New York City. Although we might have preferred to travel to all those locations to shoot video of Ms. Gabriela Isler of Venezuela, it was still fun to transport digitally to all those locations. Outtakes from the video shoot are below:

Evening in NYC
Day at the Beach

New York Fashion Week for Men's Health

We were able to join in on New York Fashion Week fun this year by teaming up with Men's Health during the spring summer presentations in early 2014. We created 3 videos after one day of shooting. The video were then turned around on an express one day timeline. It was fun to catch up with designers Kenneth Cole, Ernest Alexander, Carlos Campos, and David Hart. We even learned a thing or two about what women prefer in footwear. Take a look below!