Casio G-Shock x Robert Geller at New York Fashion Week

We spent the 2015 Valentine's Day at Pier 59 Studios shooting for Casio G-Shock capturing their collaboration with menswear designer Robert Geller during NY Fashion Week FW 2015. 

Under the creative direction of ad agency, Exposure, we had the pleasure of spending a few days with Robert to learn more about his process and how important quality is to him.

Check out the video we shot capturing the spirit of Robert Geller and the durability of Casio G-Shock watches:

We couldn't have done it without Brad Ogbonna on as digital technician/production assistant/BTS shooter and Dan Scott Willis on as a steadicam operator on the Wenck Brothers team.

A few BTS photos below:

Davidoff Cigars' Avo Uzevian Digital Spot

We teamed up with photographer, Zave Smith, and the ad agency, Colangelo, to capture this video promo for Davidoff Cigar's Avo Uzevian brand. A special thank you to George Watson at WSW Creative for bringing us on board.

Co-Director: Wenck Brothers
Co-Director: Zave Smith
DP: Wenck Brothers
Editor: Wenck Brothers

In Africa (Rwanda, Malawi and Zambia) with the Starkey Hearing Foundation

Our work takes us to some pretty incredible places and also gives us the opportunity to promote causes that we believe in. A recent project with the Starkey Hearing Foundation helped us achieve both of those when we teamed up with them to capture the good deeds that they are doing around the world to help combat hearing loss.

This 10 day swing took us to the countries of Rwanda, Malawi and Zambia. The focus of this trip was to provide hearing aids to those with hearing loss and to also train local people to help provide support after the traveling foundation team leaves. Check out some of the photos below: 

Rwanda: Over 60 prisoners guilty of crimes during the 1994 Rwandan genocide were allowed to leave their prison for the day in order to receive hearing care. 

Malawi: We arrived after three weeks of torrential rains which left more than 300,000 people displaced in one of the poorest countries in the world. Many of the people that we helped fit with hearing aids were able to hear in the past but cases of malaria, smallpox and dengue fever left it's victims without hearing as the diseases are still treated in Africa with medications that adversely affect one's ability to hear. Many of the smiles you see below are brought on by being able to hear for the first time in decades and possibly the first time ever.

YouTubing with the Rockettes

Spring has arrived a little bit early for us as we have been shooting and editing for the Rockettes as they prepare to launch their new 2015 show, "New York Spring Spectacular". We have been teaming up with the Rockettes to create 50+ videos since they launched their YouTube channel in June of 2014.

Here are a few pieces of the most recent pieces of content:

Promo video for the Rockettes' 2015 NY Spring Spectacular

'Dancing With The Stars' Champion, and star of the new Rockettes Show, Derek Hough describes a New Yorker in 5 words.

'Dancing With The Stars' Champion, and star of the new Rockettes Show, Derek Hough tells us about the time he fell in love in New York City.

Head to check out more content!

In San Francisco with AMGEN Biotechnologies and Onyx Pharmaceuticals

We recently traveled to San Francisco to create an internal documentary for AMGEN Biotechnologies and Onyx Pharmaceuticals. Onyx is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for the treatment of Multiple myeloma. It was a wonderful shoot and we had the opportunity to interview the recently appointed CEO of Onyx, Pablo Cagnoni.

Check out screenshots from the video below and a few photos shooting BROLL around San Francisco.

Talking Football with FUBU CEO and Shark Tank Investor, Daymond John for USA Today Sports

We recently shot an interview with the man of many titles, Investor, Entrepeneuer, Motivational Speaker, TV Personality, and Author, Daymond John. We had the chance to sit down with him and talk about sports as part of  USA Today's 16 part NFL "Pick 'em" series. 

Mr. John touched on subjects that covered the intesity of the New York sports fans, an acting role in Sharknado 2 and his love of fishing. Not surprisingly he has actually caught a shark while on a fishing trip! Check out the screenshots below for the view from the FUBU offices on the 66th floor of the Empire State Building.

Watch the video here!


We recently spent the day at Brooklyn Bridge Pier 5 and Manhattan with Bayern Munich photographing the announcement of the club's new partnership with Global Premiere Soccer (GPS). GPS is a youth soccer academy and that supports over 55,000 children and 5,000 coaches in the United States.

Click Here for the Official Announcement on Bayern Munich's Homepage 

Check out a few screenshots and photos of the coverage and event below.

In Austria with AstraZeneca

We traveled to Vienna, Austria to create a series of videos for AstraZeneca in which their executives and healthcare professionals explained the exciting advancements that the company is taking in the field of diabetes care. Check out screenshots from the video below.

Adidas NEO Label with Selena Gomez

We joined in on New York Fashion Week fun by teaming up with IRIS Worldwide UK to create a fashion film for the Adidas NEO Label collection created by Selena Gomez. The collection that was presented on the runway was entirely made up of pieces selected by teens from around the world that submitted their input using Twitter. They not only chose the clothing, but also influenced the music, hair and makeup looks, and set design. The goal of the video was to tell that story while also featuring the clothing on the runway with the added task of turning the edit around within 36 hours of the actual runway show.

Check out the video here (don't forget to play it back in HD!):

Although Wenck Brothers acted as Producer, Director, Director of Photography and Editor, we couldn't have done it without the help of the following people:

Dan Scott Wills (Camera Operator), Peter Porta (Camera Operator), John Colucci (Audio Engineer), Rob Demaio (Grip), Brad Ogbonna (Digital Technician) and Nathan Raabe (Motion Graphics).

A very special thanks to IRIS Worldwide UK and IRIS Worldwide NYC for bringing us on for the project. 

We were certainly surprised to see Nick end up on Selena Gomez's Instagram and Facebook page the next day and to also find selfies taken by Selena on Aaron's phone after it acted as the prop phone in the video.

Summer Fashion Look Books

We love summer because we can get outside and enjoy the outdoors while we shoot. Check out our two new fashion look books below!