adidasNEOLabel Case Study: Wenck Brothers + Iris Worldwide

We joined in on New York Fashion Week fun by teaming up with IRIS Worldwide UK to create a fashion film for the Adidas NEO Label collection created by Selena Gomez. The collection that was presented on the runway was entirely made up of pieces selected by teens from around the world that submitted their input using Twitter. They not only chose the clothing, but also influenced the music, hair and makeup looks, and set design. The goal of the video was to tell that story while also featuring the clothing on the runway with the added task of turning the edit around within 36 hours of the actual runway show.

IRIS UK + IRIS NYC generated a massive buzz to coincide with the creation and launch of the video. Here are some statistics from IRIS:


  • 20K+ Unique participants in the activation.
  • 27,046 Additional Twitter followers generated from campaign.
  • 441,989 Views of the campaign videos with over 30k entries.


  • 473,716 Uses of #SelenaNEOlaunch resulting in a number one worldwide trend.
  • 527 Pieces of highly targeted coverage (to date) across 38 countries including all five key markets - USA, Germany, China, Japan and Russia.
  • 37% Of the adidas conversation online was related to NEO, making it the most engaging adidas category during the campaign period.

Check out IRIS' case study HERE!

See below for the two videos that we produced, directed, shot and edited: