Aaron Wenck - Producer, Director, DP & Editor    Before co-founding Wenck Brothers, Aaron completed an MBA with a focus on branding and advertising. His passion for travel led him to live in Australia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, Germany, South Carolina and Minnesota before finally settling down in New York City. Immediately prior to establishing the company, he worked for a year as an agent representing photographers and illustrators. His interests include photography, travel, hockey, museums and coffee. His favorite movie is "The Departed". Aaron's personal photography can be found at:  www.aaronwenck.com .
  Nick Wenck   - Producer, Director, DP & Editor    Prior to settling on the East Coast, Nick completed his degree in International Advertising, while studying in Germany, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.   He has spent significant time traveling throughout Europe and the Americas for work and leisure.    Before co-founding Wenck Brothers,    Nick was a core member of Google's "YouTube Original Channel Initiative," creating content for KICKTV, the world's most watched digital soccer channel. His interests include watching movies, hockey, travel, and reading. His favorite movie is "Pan's Labyrinth".
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