Bud Light x NY Rangers

Man on the Street Style Video

Vera Bradley

Man on the Street Style Video

McDonald's Sustainability Practices

This video was captured at a pop-up coffee shop to make consumers aware of the sustainability practices behind McDonald's coffee.

Samsung/T-Mobile Training Case Study

This video was produced as a case study to inform Samsung employees on best practices for simultaneous nationwide training techniques.

Design Army - Neenah Paper

This video was produced as a case study to recap the development and evolution of a brand extension project for Neenah Paper with Design Army.

Tech Digs - Bloomberg

This video was one episode in a 9 episode series that explored the relationship between corporate design and innovation. 

Time Inc. & Ally Bank

This video took an examination into an innovative business model within senior nursing home care.

Miracle on 29th Street - Scripted

This video was part of the 48 hour Barrow Group Film Festival. We met our writer and actors at 7:00 pm on a Thursday night and 48 hours later we submitted this film into the festival.